“Having a place like this where it’s truly safe to share and having the sisterhood of connection just sharing with one another helps me to open up. Hearing others stories and knowing I’m not alone because I’ve had similar experiences.

Thank you so much, much love for you ladies. xoxo”

Sophia K - Calgary, AB, Canada

“I was lost, but now I am found. Being with like-minded souls heals the soul. No matter what the theme it is always just what I needed at that time. We leave with full hearts and a feeling of peace.”

Carol S - Calgary, AB, Canada 

“The sacred space that these sisters create is beautiful beyond words can express. I always leave with my cup spilling over. Safe grounded, loved, nourished, cherished and a deep sense of belonging.”

Rachel P - Calgary, AB, Canada

“This is exactly what I needed for my current journey. It was such an amazing group of women exploring spiritual selves in a caring and safe space.”


Amanda H – Edmonton, AB, Canada

“A space of purity, security. They allow you to discover your light without pressure, without judgment. A life changing experience.”


Deanna O– Cochrane, AB, Canada

“This is an amazing one of a kind experience. It will leave you feeling full, light and complete. Every time I attend I grow in connection with myself and everyone around me. I feel truly blessed to be in the presence of these wonderful women.”


Angel M - Calgary, AB, Canada


“Absolutely divine experience. Soul inspiring and healing. I would recommend their workshops to everyone! Thank you.”


Samantha V – Edmonton, AB, Canada