"An archetype within our divinity at all times...

She is a timeless figure... sacred, and divine.  She knows her body and honors it. It is her temple and full of life. Full of wisdom. Her power is challenged by many... yet her essence emerges with determination as she answers her inner calling. She knows what she must complete to achieve the vision ahead. She follows her truth, knows her worth, her bliss and her passion. She flows between realms of light and shadow, and is humbled by the presence of both. These realms are the moments of now, memories of before, and longings of tomorrow. She dances and sings, but she also fights and screams. She is fire, thunder and rain, yet warm, tender, and kind. She shines with glory, is the radiance of the sun, and the mystery of the moon. She is not just an idea, or word, or a beautiful phrase... You see her everywhere."

-team SOS

She is the WOMAN of TODAY

With conversation, she speaks. With inspiration, she shifts. With practice, she awakens. 

Our programs offer a platform for self discovery that draw the powerful Priestess archetype forward and through every day life. Reflections and questions will always arise through our lives, and we love to continuously ask "What's holding me back and how can I rise up?". This is the primary objective of this program, to give you the safe space to explore your Self. Each event brings women face to face with their divinity, and also reality. Where the convergence of your past stories, hidden truths, and powers to shift, meet as one and launch you into the integral aspects of your ultimate design. Secrets of Sisterhood have created a full circle experience which takes women on a journey through womanhood. A place to acknowledge and embrace all stages and phases of life to better reveal your true Light.

From the womb to the tomb.

These full day experiences, weekends, and intensives, provide the opportunity to transcend patterns and programming associated to different phases of life in order to create positive imprints for Self transformation. We provide functional tools that can be used in real life, and can enhance your spiritual life as well. 

Each event gives you the chance to evolve and bond with other women. Strengthening female relationships provides one of the most fundamental platforms for growth. We mirror each other in many ways and have the possibility to create profoundly enriching experiences. We develop accountability, dependability, and comradery. We build, nurture, and love without any judgments or opinions. Sisterhood is about providing neutral, unbiased observations where real, honest, hard truths can bring us into alignment with who we truly are.

The Jewels are the training programs required to achieve your
High Priestess Diploma. 

These courses are facilitated throughout the year to accommodate the practicality and proper integration of each program experience. We have certification intervals at 1/3 and 2/3 completion where Initiate, and Novice Priestess Certifications are provided, and upon full completion, sisters are awarded their High Priestess Diploma.  This system of recognition is a beautiful process that allows women to achieve deep insights on how they want to live with authenticity, follow their heart, find adventure, celebrate their uniqueness, rise up, and speak their truth.


Are you ready to take a journey through womanhood?



"Priestess Training For

The Modern Woman"

A big part of being a well balanced woman involves emotional maturity, and awareness. These are the foundational principles of what Secrets of Sisterhood offer. We created a process so you can dive into different phases of life and understand more about how you can embody, embrace, and express yourself from a higher perspective. To find ways to deeply love yourself. We address real "life" stuff and introduce ways to address your fears and limitations and transform them into realized truths and desires. 

What does that actually mean?

It means taking negative patterns and mindsets and turning them into building blocks where you may gain deeper understandings of your shadow side such as: fear of being alone or fear of death, negative body image, intimacy struggles, loss of direction, pleasing people, selfishness, jealousy, entitlement, anger projection, addiction struggles, and shame, and will also explore aspects of what your lighter side likes as well, such as: dancing & celebrating, sharing talents, supporting each other, inspiring through group sharing, journaling, meditating, creating alters, teachings of various metaphysical topics, earth medicine teaching, moon, fire, cacao, and kava kava ceremonies, sound baths, card readings, smudging, nature walks, forest bathing, past life regressions, polarity and boundary exercises, and tantric sex skills. 


With each event we also deliver plant based wisdom teachings. You will be nourished and educated on a compassionate eating regime. These are 5-star ambrosia experiences –filled with love, and is truly food for the soul! You can take recipes home and add these wonderful principles to whatever culinary belief system you follow. It's important to us that we nourish your physical body as it truly coincides with the emotional and spiritual nourishment of each Jewel program. 

How often are the programs facilitated? and do I have to do them all?

These structured program retreats run approximately every 6 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to fully absorb each experience before the next one; it's important to have time for integration, grounding, and processing. It is not necessary to complete all 9 Jewels, if there's only one or two you are drawn to, then it's fine to do only one or two. Also, there is no reason to do the Jewels in a particular order and there is no prerequisite for each one. We typically like to keep them in an order that coincides with the seasons, equinoxes, moon phases, and calendar transitions. 

The layout for personal program achievements are as follows:

Initiate Priestess Certificate:

3 Jewels Completed

Novice Priestess Certificate:

6 Jewels Completed

High Priestess Diploma and Crown:

9 Jewels Completed


The "CREATION" Jewel

Where she begins

This retreat embodies various aspects of the creation process and infancy. We will explore the earliest years of life from conception and womb connection, to our first few steps as toddlers. We will tune in to the vulnerability, dependency, and trust aspects that our fragile little souls will first experience as their purest little forms take shape. This full day dedication is sure to fill your heart with the pleasantries of creation, innocence,  and your true worthiness as a sovereign birthright. 

Strongest takeaway: you are wanted, as you are.


Where she takes it all in

This retreat brings us into our wide-eyed wonder years. We are absolved by the intricate details of everything, and everyone around us. We are observing this reality at hyper-speed. The teachings and imprints are pouring in! Who is speaking to us and how? How are we able to navigate all these big emotions around us? This full day dedication will bring that "inner little girl" right up in your lap where she wants to be cuddled and loved and shown the foundational tools of life. Where she can simply feel and express any of her emotions freely and without condemnation.

Strongest takeaway: what you feel matters.


Where she becomes a little lady


This retreat will send us flowing into the experiences of our prepubescent years. How we integrate our childlike selves into a beautiful, rapidly transforming figure is dependent on who is guiding and supporting us. What is this young girl ready for? So many questions and sensations are building. This full day dedication will involve the blooming process and will align us with the radiance and the wisdom of our most inspirational feminine role models to prepare us for the earliest stages as developing little ladies.

Strongest takeaway: you are supported and can honor your body fully.


Where she develops her healthy fire


This retreat is dedicated to our wild teenage years. It's sure to evoke some powerful energy as this is one of the most intense phases of life. This will be all about the dynamic, fiery, and emotionally expressive stages young woman experience during these years. Is she developing clear boundaries within herself while finding the ability to conduct, nurture, and express these incredible sensations? The essence of our divine sexuality is in full force now... and so how does She plan to take it on? This full day dedication will bring us our voice and build the foundational tools for healthy sexual expression and transformation into well rounded young woman.

Strongest takeaway: you are respected.

The "BECOMING" Jewel

Where she discovers what she wants


This retreat is dedicated to our young adult years… it's time for us to 'grow up' a little. We are entering the stage of life when we begin to see, feel, and experience the world from an adult perspective. The pressures of society and the expectations that follow once we leave home for our first time can be thrilling and terrifying all at once. What will she do? What does she want to do? How can she just simply BE? There's so much noise and chaos 'out there' it's hard to hear our own thoughts. This full day dedication is to allow yourself to BECOME. Just simply relax into the chaos, and land in our masculine presence where we may listen and be guided into our purpose.

Strongest takeaway: you have a gift.


Where she is a building her empire


This retreat is dedicated to our womb and the instinctual longing to create life, and in doing so, stepping forward fully and powerfully, into our divine bodies. Owning and worshiping our inner Goddess, the Kali, the Earth witch, and many more of the feminine flavors that have been taking shape and developing over the years. This cosmic knowledge and deep intuition within our womb space is the language we want to listen to. This is our doorway to discovering our innate abilities of creating, birthing, and manifesting our deepest desires. This full day dedication is for the celebration, ritual, dance, magic, and glory of feminine creation and embodiment.

Strongest takeaway: you are confident.


Where she embodies her flow

This retreat is dedicated to our practice of surrender. A phase where we may be directed into the arms of Gaia and trust that everything we have done this far is of high order and that we are to be reminded of the Here and Now. This is a time for mindfulness, sweetness, and Self love. A time to create unity within and deeply recognize, honor, and see our true selves. This full day dedication is about understanding who we are, our strategies and patterns, and the willingness of surrendering any thoughts, feelings, experiences, or sensations that may be holding us back. Finding Now and then moving into tomorrow with more clarity and vibrancy.

Strongest takeaway: you can let go of control.

The "VITALITY" Jewel

Where nothing holds her back

This retreat is dedicated to wisdom, ease, and grace. Do our stories have missing chapters? It is never too late to start writing. The vitality within our being creates the very rhythm of our hearts to continually add to our book of life. It is the fuel for our souls! Now is our chance to completely dive in and do the the things we haven't done yet. This full day dedication is about story weaving, timelines, and your psychic window. All of this necessary to better shape and fill out The Bucket List. What are your desires? Let's explore avenues that thrill, challenge, and inspire you.


Strongest takeaway: you are brave.


Where she meets timelessness with trust

This retreat is dedicated to our temple within. A time to undergo contemplation and meditation on the impermanence of the physical form, and the infinite potential for our Soul beyond death. There is unfathomable awareness to support this transformation. We will familiarize ourselves with concepts of death to transcend any fears or regrets of this lifetime in this form. The one true thing that can support us at the deepest level during this process, is our spirituality. This full day dedication if for devotion and surrendering to the unknown. Immerse yourself in sisterhood, go deep in meditation, and find sanctity of ritual, impermanence, and the infinite abyss of the unknown.

Strongest takeaway: you can trust life.

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