These 3 ladies sat down one day for a cup of coffee and dreamed up an idea on what fun it would be if woman could come together more often and celebrate in a wicked, wild, and wonderful sacred fashion. "Girls night", and "ladies day out" are few far far between... plus they usually involve over indulgence ;). So they decided to have an impromptu karma event for women filled with nourishment and celebration! It turned out there was loads of other woman just as keen to live out some life stories together on a more than annual basis! Would you believe that was a few years ago now? ...& they have since facilitated dozens of workshops for woman all over Alberta. 

Terra, Sandy, & Gessica share a united mission to offer experiential retreats as a unique platform to bring women together and explore different phases of life. The series of transformational processes are holistic, factual, and mystical to fully serve the Body, the Mind, and Spirit. 

Cultivate your life and add the pleasantries of Sisterhood.

We welcome you <3

Sandy Mulroy

Sandy is a plant based nutritionist, herbalist and acts as a teacher, showing students and clients how to incorporate superfoods and herbs into any lifestyle.

She is also a teacher and practitioner of Usui, Karuna and Violet Flame Reiki and enjoys combining them with Swedish Massage, Raindrop Technique and Bamboo Massage in her studio.

Sandy spent years as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor which opened up her love of anatomy and functional movement. She takes this knowledge to nature on orchestrated foraging hikes and forest meditations.

Sandy's greatest passion is facilitating ceremonies for personal events or groups. using sanskrit mantras, while she plays her crystal and alchemy singing bowls that create a safe and loving space and ambience for journeys and healing.

Gessica MacDonald, B.A

Gessica is a Holistic Practitioner offering private, and group sessions. Alongside her bachelors degree she has received certification in Tantric Bodywork, Advanced Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, and has received 3 separate Master Certifications in Reiki. She has over 10 years applying her knowledge and skills as a Health & Wellness entrepreneur. She teaches Sound Therapy w/ Tuning forks and Reiki. She believes strongly in the benefits of healing from toxic belief systems, and discovering ways to express ones Self in a mindful, mature, natural way. She promotes of the bloom of sacred feminine, inner temple wisdom, unions and connections to revolutionize and revitalize relationship with Self and others. Her contribution in workshops & retreats is dynamic, and provides an interesting platform for transformation. Working with frequencies and the human body are her niche which have greatly contributed to her growth and commitment as a facilitator & practitioner but mostly as a mother, wife, & friend.

Terra Kenzie Longacre

Terra is an Healer, Reader, Teacher and Guide offering inspiration and insight for the soul's journey. She assists people in aligning with their soul purpose and potential for this life using various energy healing techniques paired with The Akashic Records.

She feels working on a soul level allows people the ability to go "deeper" and offers a Psychospiritual approach to self discovery and ultimately transformation.

Terra offers Akashic Records readings and workshops; she wants to support people in connecting with ancient soul wisdom & share these tools of transformation & empowerment with everyone. 

The gifts Terra is bringing forth in her offerings are designed to infuse and cultivate self-love and self-acceptance into one's being through lighthearted play and safe journeying. 

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Secrets of Sisterhood

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