Pink Clouds

You are invited to celebrate the spirit and power of community through the sacredness of sisterhood.

We are breaking through the old paradigm of competition and jealousy to walk in unity and understanding. Are you ready to answer the call?

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ecrets of Sisterhood specialize in "real life" structured retreats for women, so it's a little bit of everything all mixed in. Life's a balancing act and we want to provide the extra bits and pieces that fill you up and level you up! We promote womanhood, we provide edgy content, we share earthy magical things, and we do a lot of stuff that makes you go "hmm...".

What People Are Saying

 “It is so amazing to be surrounded by woman in such a loving, open and judgment free environment. I feel so nurtured and loved. Thank you for this wonderful experience!”

Roxanne L, Irricana, AB, Canada

The Team

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For today's woman in today's world.